Square Wish List

Square Wish List

Crowd-fund features, add-ons, scripts & plugins for Square


January 11, 2021 - If you own a business that uses the famous payments company Square for your POS, website or payments in general, then this is a community for you. We are putting the finishes on a new website (and possibly a mobile app later) where “Sellers” will be able to:

• Post Wish List features for Square
• Vote on Wish List features
• Crowd-Fund Wish List features
• Organize & formalize & quantify feature requests we can take to Square directly

Wish List features may include things like, mobile apps, website scripts, iframe scripts, Wordpress Plugins, etc.

Note: Square Wish List is organized by THINΛPP / Pre-Order. We’re an official and respected Square Technology Partner (for 3+ years) and “Sellers” ourselves. We often get access to brand-new, exclusive, private ALPHA APIs that allow cool features to be built like accepting Gift Cards on a custom or even non-Square website (for example), so by working together we can use our “access” with your collective crowd-funding power to try to show Square the importance of the feature by adding an actual quantified number of business owners who need it or just immediately make the features we all need ourselves.

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